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January 02, 2008


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Thanks for your comment Holly...

In terms of moving towards graphing, I've been hammering away at this and I think the best way is to identify your categories and use a radar diagram in Excel. It's not as colorful as my original pyramid/triangle concept, but it's practical.

What I like about the radar is that you can develop a best case model and then apply your findings to that model to see where you need to stretch a bit.

Keep me posted -- I'd love to hear what you're doing with your program!

Dear Charlie,

This is great. I've been pointed to you by Andy Shaindlin (who I met via the HEBC) and I've shared this with my team at the University of Exeter. We want to try this to measure engagement with our alumni. Any suggestions for how to actually graph the data? Would love to talk more with you about this.
Thanks for the great ideas!

Wow - this is really great. What I would do with this is pick a good sampling of our major donors, map their engagement and see if there is any consistency. This would then allow me to have sort of a predictive model example in order to set goals of how we want/need to engage current major gift prospects to get them to ultimately commit.

Cool stuff Charlie! I'll post some comments about this on Alumni Futures on Monday, Jan. 7.

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